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How a Chattanooga Business Lawyer Can Help You Open Your Business

Starting a business can be a very daunting experience, especially if you have never gone through the process before. It might not seem intimidating and complicated at first, but unforeseen issues have the tendency to creep up on you, especially if you are not prepared.

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Of course, if you have been considering opening a business for a while nowwithin the substance of the business, such as the product or service you are providing. That will certainly help. But, there is an entirely different side of business that many people are not prepared for, business law.

For example, you might have a degree in medicine, and 15 years of experience in doing what you do best. However, did anything in the course of your education, or years of experience, teach you about business law? Perhaps malpractice law. But, what about employment contracts, or protecting yourself with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements? Do you know about commercial litigation or how to best protect yourself with vendor contracts?

Nearly everything pertaining to your business will involve something within the law. From relationships with suppliers and contractors to leasing or buying real estate, Matt Brock, a Chattanooga business attorney, can help guide you through every step in various legal matters, to make sure your business does not suffer from anything on a legal standpoint. So, it’s advisable to have someone with experience in business disputes and business law in general on your side before you even open your door for the first time, or sign anything.

Matt Brock has Experience in Dealing with Chattanooga Business Disputes

In addition to working as in-house counsel for NovaWhite LLC, Matt Brock’s experience in business law includes work in business formation and contract negotiation, as well as all other aspects of business law that any business owner will face while opening, running, and even closing a business.

If you need help from the beginning in preparing the Articles of Incorporation, or someone to protect you in a business dispute, Mr. Brock will work with you throughout it all. He also has experience in preparing entertainment agreements for both pre-production and post-production television shows. So, no matter what the business or business disputes occur, he can guide you to a successful business.

The majority of small business contracts should be simple. But, simple isn’t always easy. If you are opening or running a business, you will see several various contracts throughout the course of your business ventures. Mr. Brock can assist you in reviewing and negotiating all your contracts, as well as draft new business contracts on behalf of you and your company.

It is essential to note that before you start to form your business, having a healthy and proper business plan is key to success.

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts for Chattanooga Businesses

Entering into contracts without an experienced business attorney in Chattanooga can leave your business vulnerable to unexpected risks. Risk exists as a staple for any business, but if you prepare ahead of time, it can significantly reduce the impact of each risk. Matt Brock Law Firm provides reliable and pertinent legal advice, regarding the protection of your interests during negotiations, or while structuring business agreements to add necessary clarity and understanding.

Mr. Brock looks for creative solutions and will act quickly when a business dispute arises, to best protect your business. He structures business agreements to assure fair and positive results for all parties involved. Most importantly, he makes sure that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a business owner under the contract, so that you are well-informed and prepared.

Protecting a New Chattanooga Business Before the Door Opens

Although it’s never too late to seek out legal advice, it’s best to start working with a Chattanooga business attorney long before you ever open the door for the first time. Matt Brock Law Firm will assist you in many ways to get your business up and running, as well as protected legally right from the start.

Some areas to consider include . or business structure under which your business should open will also be a critical part of the process.

Most entrepreneurs have worked too hard at their dream of opening a business, to have it all fall apart by not having a solid business plan in place long before taking further steps, such as hiring the first employee and ordering supplies. for the business.

Articles of incorporation And, he will make sure that your personal assets are protected from any potential action taken against your business.

Also, before you open, you will most likely need a building or office. And, leasing s all negotiable. Mr. Brock and his team will be able to dissect the contract and write addendums that will best suit your needs and benefit your business.

Smart Hiring in Keeping with Chattanooga Business Law

When it comes to hiring for your business, there are many areas of legal concern that could help protect you. It’s not quite as simple as someone’s resume catching your attention, conducting an impressive interview, or running background checks. Various legal employment documents, such as employment contracts, non-competes, and non-disclosures can also help protect your business.

Employment Contracts – The employment of workers is sometimes referred to as an Employment Agreement. It is an agreement or contract, written or oral, that expresses an agreement to specify conditions and terms to which both parties (employer and potential employee) agree to specific and expected duties directed by the employer, in exchange to an agreed upon compensation.

Non-Compete Agreements –  In a competitive market, as an employer, you hope to dissuade an employee from leaving your company and taking their skills and knowledge to the competitor down the road, especially if they gained this during their employment with you. An employer can do this by having the employee sign a non-compete agreement. Although not always guaranteed to be held up in a Tennessee court, this agreement typically includes time and geographic restrictions in which the employee can work for a competitor, or opening their own business. Mr. Brock, a skilled contract lawyer, can draft an agreement for you that will best hold up in business disputes, such as a non-compete.

Non-Disclosure Agreements – A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is designed to legally enforce confidentiality from an employee who might hold a trade secret of some type, and prevent them from disclosing any pertinent information to others not associated with an employer’s business or the signed agreement. These agreements work to protect sensitive information from going public or getting in the hands of a competitor.

There are also business contracts, vendor contracts, and operating agreements that should be carefully drafted by an experienced business lawyer. At the Matt Brock Law Firm, they will quickly and fully understand your business needs and will be able to prepare the necessary contracts your business will need between yourself and customers, suppliers, and clients. They will also review contracts and agreements presented to you from other people, before you sign, and can then negotiate various terms to better benefit your business on your behalf.

In addition to the above areas of business law, Mr. Brock’s business law practice also covers the following areas of law:

  • Business Agreements
  • Business Law & Business Disputes
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Torts
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Contract Negotiation & Contract Law
  • Entertainment Agreements
  • Closely-Held Family Business
  • Joint Ventures
  • Non-Profits

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