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How a Criminal Charge will Impact Your Driving Rights in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense, and it’s the one that can most often affect driving privileges in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Very often, people fail to realize that they may eventually lose their driving privileges altogether as a result of getting a criminal charge. Here are a few of the relevant legal provisions, …


DUI Frequently Asked Questions

I have found that many potential clients have similar questions regarding (1) what counties or municipalities do I practice in and (2) what are the penalties associated with a DUI.  The third question is usually about how to avoid getting their photo in those magazines but… I’ll only address the first two here. What is a DUI? …


Xanax passes marijuana as 2nd leading cause of DUI in AL

Alprazolam, the generic name for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, surpassed marijuana in 2011 as the second-leading cause of impaired driving in Alabama after alcohol, according to data from traffic stops compiled by the Department of Forensic Science. Continue reading more about this here. While I don’t have the figures for TN, I would assume we …

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